Expectations al…

Expectations always lead us on the road to disappointing and heartbreaking situations .

we should simply stop expecting from others if they care they will do it 🙂


Lot can happen over a coffee !




Today after our semester 6 bio-medical exams we decided to go out for a coffee at a cool place called café smoothie it was just besides our college and across the sea-shore. We being young college students preferred a café rather than pub or a crowdy  place to hang-out. I was mentally and physically very tired cause of sleepless nights and lengthy days, it was 4.00 pm the clock seemed very slow that particular day along with my 4 our friends we choose a seat next to the long French window were we could see the main road and sea, hanging out with a group which consists only guys is different than mix group,  akshat ,Rahul, jerry and me started having an argument /discussion about the semester results and job profiles. I was sitting in such a way that I could see almost all the customers coming through the door.

         Ting-ting the door opened and this time there was a tall, blonde haired, not-so-good decked up girl entered in. Just like any other guys I was checking her out she dint win my heart appearance wise but yes she was different ,not at all girlish nor tom-boy. even though I was physically sitting with my friends mentally I was out there .she choose a seat next to veranda in the smoking zone she gave eye signal to the waiter it appeared to me as if she visited there  more often and the waiters and menu was familiar to her .

All I wanted was to be there besides her but that needed guts and a lot of courage few minutes later she took out a pack and it turned out to be a cigarette pack ,she lit a cigar rete  and then all I could see is fumes .soon   I could see  a book ,her sharp black eyes were focusing on the novel  ‘ we SHALL SURVIVE ‘ I  wondered what the book is about ,a large cup of black coffee with cream arrived she dissolved the cigarrete and drank the coffee within 15 minutes she left the café without even noticing me .That night I keep thinking about her her hair the way they flew on her face the fumes the checks long shirt , soon I realized I was asleep .

             As days passed by I forgot her, after a month again I was at the café and to my surprise she visited the café and once again I felt the nervousness and excitement I decided I should gather some information from the waiters .i came to know she visits the café regularly but one question kept   flickering in mind why does she come alone? Which girl does not have company to hang out that was very strange. On the way back home I decided next time I see this particular girl I will approach her and then in my mind I started making plans.. 

                     Today while leaving for the café I wore a plain white formal shirt, combed and applied hair spray lots of dio and I was ready for the day it was 6.00 pm I was waiting for her to arrive, the clock showed 7.00 and then 8.00 and then closing time then same thing continued for next few days I was upset and restless I regretted for waiting so long I finally gave up.

 Next month i was again at the café I had no hopes of seeing her so I busy with my conversation with my buddies. Ting –ting the door opened the same girl had arrived she looked absolutely gorgeous today no her dressing had not changed nor did her style but maybe I was missing her to much! I saw myself on the reflection of glass window I looked like a clumsy geek I cursed myself for being  so shabby that day .but yet I decided I should approach her may be outer appearance didn’t matter to her ! I stood up started waking in her direction in no time I reached her table I said “ma’am can I talk to you ‘without even looking at me she said no I don’t want any other coffee! I was horrified she thought I am  waiter I again called her out this time she kept the book aside and glanced at me .oh my her features were so sharp she appeared like goddess of beauty to me ! I told her I wanted to talk to her but she refused this thing happened for next few days but I dint lose hope!.

                 Finally a day came when she allowed me to sit with her bracelet LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES kept making an annoying noise but it was all fine to me as I could spend time with her. As days passed by I asked her why she came alone. She narrated a story from her pat to me a guy broke her heart and so she does not trust any men she enjoys being alone. The 1st thing that came in mind was which jerk did that to her I felt like breaking his face! She did not open up soon but as we started coming close to each other I realized I had already fell for her .but she never gave me those signals but I was not convinced whether I should let her go or express to her and I dint want to have her another heart break .

I kept quiet decided never to express and be just friends with her as days passed by on rainy day she expressed to me I could not believe yes we both were in love waiting for our ego bubbles to break!

The blonde haired, tall, sharp featured, shy-come-open girl is my wife today I never knew I would meet my partner in such manner ❤  .

Aditi 🙂



being independent .

being independent .







This is for all you folks who are constantly in love not because you really like some body but because you fear you might be alone .

the following sites show



3) A MOVIE IF you CAN DOWNLOAD watch it!

and if you truly love somebody preserve them forever  ❤

Thank-you little angel .




                           SHOPPING SPREE!




I was very excited today as mom had handed me a list of items which I had to buy from the mall .whenever I am given the responsibility of purchasing such articles I usually save a lot of money in the actual stuff and buy my own needed and not- so- needed items .

          I am teenager just like every other teenager I would invest in cosmetic’s, clothes or waste a lot of money in superfluous accessories. My best friend accompanied me to mall this time we were in the household section I cancelled the items one by one as I put them in my trolley I also managed to put my unnecessary objects like (  cream rolls , strawberry muffins the trolley was almost full yet my eyes were wandering .

 I had been waiting for 1224 for several days I inquired about the manager said it’s not in store yet I had started cribbing already even abused for having such bad service soon I forgot about it as I came across new sparkling ballet shoes with covetousness in my eyes I ran towards them within minutes they were in my basket, but I was bothered about matching socks which were not available though I left the counter and gave a boorish look to my friend ,she didn’t say a word .

              As we were walking towards the counter for bill entry I placed a dozen few things more almost overloading yet I was furious because I was not able to get other not- so-important stuffs.

                               And than damn! A long queue again  I wondered why everybody came today ,so much crowd uff!  I started blah ,blah I saw my friends face I could say she was frustrated with the crowd and my unending complaint’s .

Their stood a 4 year old toddler along with his father way happier and joyful then me so I thought he must have gathered some toys or chocolate of his choice. I dint bother to see his basket or bag as I was too busy in cursing the long queues.

15-20-25 minutes up the line was moving at snails speed ,people behind me were arguing ,abusing , calling rude names to the sales team .

 soon I realized I m hungry opened my wallet and there was silk chocolate for my rescue opened it gobbled it all as I was surfing the baskets of other idiots my eyes again stopped at the 4 year old kid by now I even knew his name kunal the same expression on his face neither the crowd nor the hunger annoyed him. so this time I decided I should see what is in his trolley I somehow managed to peep but to my surprise there was no trolley neither basket  I saw him again he was holding a cream biscuit ,wafer and tank packets so I thought his parents may be having the important items .

Finally the line moved the kid and I were paying at the counter at the same time in 2 different parallel lines my bill 3000! I had no option but had to pay it , I saw the bill at parallel counter 150 rupees.

 I had no idea what’s going on we all left at the exit the kid says “papa aj kiti maja ali ata apan sagla hai gari khauya  translation dad today we purchased so many items had lot of fun when we go home we all can have it !



This scene is in my mind even today you taught me lot

We all need somebody to open our eyes and make us realize how to be happy !

This kid played a great role …..

Thank-you kunal !

Aditi  🙂










































we let go peopl…

we let go people who love us and than crib for having all rotten ones left for us .

This is my 1st post on the blog we always do the mistake of letting go people who invest time ,money and energy on us and we ill-treat them or never accept them don’t let this happen with you 🙂 take care