Virtual Love <3



Net brought us close,

But the distance always rose ,


I kept waiting to see him,

Sooner or later I knew I would be with him,


Weeks, weekends and months passed by,

I dint let disappointment bring me down,


Every month I would hope I see him,

He gave me false promises to be with me,


After a while I decided to ignore him,

Soon few days later he managed to fool me again,

I got fooled once more by believing him,


It was nearly a year I knew him,

So I decided let him go,

If he valued me he would have surely come,


So heartbroken this time,

Never will I try this again in life –time 😦









Be kind

Be kind

be a better human 😀

Make –up do we even need it?  beauty Dear girls..Have

Make –up do we even need it?


Image beauty







Dear girls..

Have you ever thought why we splurge so many amounts on cosmetics? We keep investing in materials which make us look great and attractive from outside but what about our inner side? Our heart, mind and attitude which cosmetics should we apply to make them look good? Foundation? No I m just kidding .

Our make up boxes are overflowing , we spend our hard earned money on those stuff which only gives us outer beauty .we all want to impress boys to gain their attention “oh look how beautiful she is  when somebody says this we think we are successful by applying the stuff on face No it’s not true ! we all love natural and pure people have you ever tried going without make up and being the same yes please try it!

          Its not the makeup that looks us beautiful! Our manners and kindness also matters next time you are about to buy a lipstick or eye liner remember me!

We all love somebody cause the way they are and not because of their looks!

Let go ……… find happiness!


  Let go …

Have you ever felt  you have done or been doing a lot for people and they don’t bother to appreciate you or return back what you did for them ? they think its just obligation ? or your doing it because you too much love them !

We all face such situations but it depends on us how we tackle the act if we keep thinking about it might worsen take steps to improve your life..

No I m not a philosopher or advice column specialist but I have experienced it so would like to help others if useful than I am really happy for you J

Follow them :

1)   Focus on happier things , people in your life .

Eg : your parents ,your best friends even a older citizen who makes you feel comfortable or happy

2)  We have to let go some cruel and awful people from our life because they don’t deserve you

Eg  you have been trying to help or make some body feel better and do stuff out of way and if they don’t value you just let them go a day will come in their life when they will miss you and be guilty .

3)  Believe in karma!

I don’t have to explain this much we all know whatever joy or sadness we give to others will eventually return back to us .

4)  During this stressful days you might feel upset, no emotions, no attachment, no attraction, just blank feelings its ok our mind and heart is going through a process you might be well soon .

5)  Make a firm decision in your mind not to melt for those people when they come crying towards you remember those days when they made you cry and how depressed you were .I don’t believe in revenge but this is the best way to keep your heart safe.

6)  At the end of the day its us who have to live peacefully so forgive and forget and behave as if they  don’t exists its high time you love yourself .

Enjoy your life ,love yourself and others who respect you !


doing a act of…

doing a act of kindness for the less fortunate ones is way satisfying then doing it for our useless dear 0nes .

every time we do stuff for people usually whom we love the most they dont value or appreciate us so its high time we should kick such people out of our life .

doing the same kindness to poor kid or helpless elder makes me more happy !.

try it 🙂