Rejection should be converted to inspiration 

Rejection should be converted to inspiration 


every rejection…

every rejection should turn to a inspiration 🙂

TRANSITIONS …       Have you ever felt you have done a










Have you ever felt you have done a lot for others?

They don’t love you back? Or appreciate you?

Just take you for granted?

But in spite of their behavior you still keep behaving nice to them?


You will soon face a day where you will regret,

You will be frustrated, irritated,

Tears and depression surrounds you ,

But nothing is gonna change now,

Leave them ,

Let them realize your value,

If they never realize how beautiful human you are ,

Its ok their loss,

Friend, family , love,  be it anybody ,

Let them go,

Wait for some body who ,

Cares for you,

Loves you,

Respects you,

Values you,

Am I very sure you will meet such people soon ,

Don’t let them go 🙂