be a good human :)

be a good human :)


i am back

hi guys was offline for long time i am back now with regular posts love you guys 

Faith …..

Today  was Wednesday just like any other day I decided I should go to church for mass or simply prayers not because I needed something just wanted to be with god .

My sister and mother accompanied me I bought a book and candle to offer it to god. It was sharp 9.00 the priest arrived the prayers started with .

In name of father ,and holy spirit amen, the priest started  reading paragraph’s from bible along with him even the people started reciting the lines . I felt blessed and scared for been there that day .

Than some annocements regarding sick people or people who need income were made I prayed to god cause I felt obliged to offer a prayer at least in terms of humanity. 

After the moment of silence Holy Father began with a particular topic .today’s topic was

“Respect your parents”

I gave a very annoying look to my sister we were giggling cause this topic was like a lecture which my mom would give us every day , as the speech started it grabbed my attention  started with a story of young man who’s mother was hospitalized and then bed ridden they had to clean her bath her every day but that man kept doing this irrespective of how many ever times she messed up the bed cause he thought of the day when he was kid and did the same .


That day I noticed 1 factor no matter which place you go to do your prayers




All the preaching’s are same  .

Note: I shared this because I am a non –catholic myself I come from a Hindu family but if I can accept and respect all religions why cant you ? ^_^